Homeless Texts

Homeless Texts is a series of booklets initiated by Maria Muuk, Ott Kagovere and Maarin Ektermann that gathers interviews, essays and other writings that don’t seem to belong to any concrete shelf or platform but that we feel are important to circulate. 

Booklets published in the Homeless Texts series include:

  • “I never rest, but I don't know if I ever work either” (2018/2019) 
  • In the subseries Art Work. Estonian cultural workers’ confessions on work and leisure based on an informal questionnaire conducted in 2017. Foreword and outro by Maarin Ektermann.
  • The Estonian translation of Jan Verwoert's essay “Exhaustion and Exuberance" (2017)
  • In the subseries Art Work. Translated by Martin Rünk, edited by Neeme Lopp.

  • Interview with the curator Tiiu Talvistu (2017)

  • Interview with the self-organised collective Kelm (2017)

  • The subseries Art Work gathers materials about the precarious reality of cultural production. By investigating the balance between the privileges, burdens and everyday life of creative work, the series documents and continues the public programme on artistic labour that Muuk, Kagovere and Ektermann organised at the Estonian Photographic Art Fair 2017.

    The series is designed by Maria Muuk and Ott Kagovere. 
    Publishing is supported by Estonian Academy of Arts Press.

    The booklets can be purchased from:

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